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Being an aviation enthusiast since a decade, this site is about the efforts building my own home cockpit during that time. At the beginning I was faced with all types of challenges about the right software, hardware and what budget is required to do so.

So I sat down and decided that the first stage was to develop the hardware and software for an interface to the flightsimulator. Soon FSBUS was born.

The picture above shows the result of all the efforts and below is the core behind the scenes.

This part is called FSBUS and got attention of many people. It was interesting to see how it has spread around the world.

While there were only 2 different hardware generations (PIC, ATMEL), the software made three giant steps ending in the current C-based DLL.  
Feel free to have a look at the pictures, showing a few reference projects and  if you are looking forward to your own challenge, just download the pieces.

This project is not intended for the novice electronics hobbyist, since they all require some basic knowledge of electronic circuit construction, soldering techniques, mains wiring, etc.


February 2011
FSBUS DLL version 3

Make sure you read all warnings and the disclaimer before starting.